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What is QRF


Each month we release a set of tailored thematic models and terrain pieces detailing a piece of the KILLWAGER world.

Additionally QRF is your key to purchasing Digital Files for KILLWAGER!

QRF offers two tiers

LOCAL RECRUIT - Local Recruit gets you four STL files each month with alternate head options. Great for supplementing your KILLWAGER collection or building some of the less organized forces from the games universe

PROFESSIONAL - Professional is THE TIER for the KILLWAGER enthusiast. Featuring the Four models from the LOCAL RECRUIT plus two Professional Exclusive models OR a vehicle. Professional also includes thematic terrain pieces for your games of KILLWAGER.


Both Tiers have their own Welcome Pack files with the Professional offering more!


Buy a Year of the Professional and get the exclusive Yearly Welcome Pack!



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plays fast

After less than 3 demonstration games players were able to play an average full rules game in less than 30 minutes.

This is HUGE.

Grab your squad, show up to your friends place, randomize an engagement and you can play several games in a sitting.

Create a campaign story in an afternoon not a year!

KILLWAGER keeps things simple: Very little math, Squad building is based on cards you select and upgrade, and the game plays on a minimum of a 2x2 Foot board! Meaning you're in the action RIGHT AWAY!

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the most tactical miniatures

Our team is dedicated to providing realistic and "tactical" miniatures. From proper gear positions to weapon handling and more. With real hands on experience we design our miniatures to be "the real deal"

We use the highest quality 3d printing services available to create our miniatures.

The same printers most companies use to make their master models!

This allows us to create the realistic poses you see as well as get the level of detail necessary. From chemlights and zipties to push to talk radios and hydration pack hoses. Our models are the most tactical modern and near future miniatures you will find.

With our advanced 3d Printers you won't find many of the common problems associated with printing, and our miniatures come ready to prime and paint! Minimal assembly required.

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