Discretion is key in KILLWAGER and on the surface of ABOL. Use these two goons to represent various concealed and hidden units in KILLWAGER. Because guess what? The games realistic enough to represent it. Get some.
Rocking South African R5's, Slick style plate carriers, grenades, drop pouches, tourniquets, grenades, respirators, and of course some PONCHOS, BABY!


These two incredibly detailed models are designed wearing ponchos and concealing or revealing their weapons. The detail on these is wild with cut out gloves, eyebrows, boot laces, knee padding on the pants, and much more. 

They are great to represent any lowivs or concealed units in KILLWAGER using either Slickster concealed plate carriers or the Usiku Kinetic Suite.


This is a resin product and contains two miniatures and two bases.
Preparation is required

Concealed Agents

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