Featuring the most advanced technology on ABOL Ibragim Strategic spare no expense in kitting their operational members with smart weapons and supporting them with advanced Artificial Intelligence. Guiding their Milspec Inorganic combat units into the hotzones while using their maneuver packs to jet and boost into optimal firing positions. Find, Fix, Obliterate.


This amazing kit comes with four incredibly detailed miniatures. From the inorganic controller (LEASH) inputting directions and checking status. To the Inorganics and other organic team members detailed armor, chest rigs, weapon systems, and electronics. Featuring several fun weapon systems like Smart - AUG Style rifles, INKUNZI/NEOPUP2000 grenade launchers, cut down bullpup rifles, grenades, knives, medical kits, and more! The inorganics even come with rear plate bag attachments full of grenades and extra kit for breaching.


This is a resin product and contains four miniatures and four bases.
Preparation is required

Ibragim Direct Action Team

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