Money talks, mouths open, and hands close around weapons. Local Recruits can vary across the landscape of ABOL but are primarily found by most Mercenary groups in the San Christo outskirts or the Scatter. Poorly trained and adequately armed are quite the combination.


This set of 4 incredibly detailed miniatures represents an array of cultures. Armed with South African Pattern 83 battle jackets, AK style weapon systems, RPGs, and everyone's favorite gun. These four "maldoons" can be used to represent a variety of forces. They are all wearing some kind of respirator and have tons of detail. From stashed ciggaretes to a pouch flap opened to reveal a grenade stuffed into a pocket. These models are an amazing addition to any table.
Whether controlled as opposition or as 3rd party models here to ruin your day!

These are resin models and may require preparation.

This product includes four resin miniatures and bases.

Local Recruit Mob

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