LIMITED ITEM - When they're out of stock they're gone!

The surface of ABOL is teeming with scum. Most are protected from the elements and ASH by large ponchos with their visage covered in all forms of respirators, O2 elements, and masks. 


Use these shady contacts to represent your forces before they engage. Swinging Carbines, explosives, or cellphones out from under their long ponchos to engage the enemy.


These models are all posed and designed with hidden little details. From the one mans watch on his non dominant hand while the other pulls something out from under his poncho. To the screaming female throwing her hand up revealing a hidden radio. These models are extremely thematic and will add depth to your game.

These are resin models and may require preparation.

These models come with bases.

Lowvis Contacts (LIMITED ITEM)

Out of Stock