KILLWAGER does not require game aids or tokens to play but we offer extremely detailed acrylic cutouts to aid in faster play and recognition. These come in two different packs.
Pack A is great for starting out in KILLWAGER to keep track of your units and contacts.

Pack B is perfect to get two players up and running with objectives.


Pack A contains:
1-8 Numbered base markers to represent which models are which units

8x Exclamation marks with 25mm bases. These can be used to represent contacts, points of interest, or anything else. Roadside bomb anybody?


Pack B contains:
Everything in Pack A 

1-4 40mm markers to use for hardpoints or objectives in KILLWAGER

2x "Breach" markers to represent where walls have been breached


These are acrylic markers and will need to have their paper backing removed

Game Aids