These nifty dials are PERFECT for tracking your squad in KILLWAGER.

These replace the D6 and D4 used for Flow and States and roll it all into one slightly bigger than 25mm dial. You can even attach a Contact Marker to it to showcase the model is a Contact or Hostile!
With clickers to showcase Flow and Status they also have a flip side to track when a model is Critical and bleeds out!!!! How cool is that?


Color options may vary but each set of dials will always be the same color. You can paint over these very easily and even rub a crayon on the white cut parts to color them in. They will always have white display numbers/letters.


THIS IS A SET OF FOUR - Some assembly required on this item. Very easy to assemble but will require super glue. NO MAGNET BS HERE BOYS!


The orange CONTACT MARKERS in the images are NOT INCLUDED.

Status Trackers

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