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Get playing right away with free rules, supplements, and more.

Play games in less than 30 minutes and events in an afternoon, not all weekend.

Revised and reformatted for the fastest and most tactical experience possible.


the most tactical wargame

KILLWAGER Keeps players on their A game with Modern Reaction systems that don't leave you standing around waiting for the enemy.

Take risks, force the Execution, and fight against time itself!


KILLWAGER SKULLCORE presents players with over 6 different Forces to choose their Squad from! Each one a unique strike group to bring to each battle.


new forces


revised rules

KILLWAGER: SKULLCORE presents an entirely revised version of KILLWAGER intended to make the game faster, deadlier, and easier to get into.

It's not a new game, it's not a path to Core or Hardcore. It's SKULLCORE.


KILLWAGER: SKULLCORE is built from the ground up for events. Featuring OVERRUN an assassination style game mode where Players can simply overrun their opponents with better positioning and tactics.

Event Organizers can easily create rankings, award points, and spice things up on their own accord.

With Players able to jump right into the action with only a few Demo games!


designed for events



Free rules, free Force building, free cards.
KILLWAGER:SKULLCORE is all about accessibility to get as many Killers onto the table as possible.

Get them today and get going!

KILLWAGER:SKULLCORE is the premier matched play game.

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