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KIllwager universe

Desperate Nation States, roving Nomads, despotic corporations, and a failed colonization effort have doomed the world of ABOL. Once the hope for humanity's first colony, the peoples of Earth have brought their most potent resource: Human Nature.



Private and independent state groups begin a series of open rebellions. Insurgent groups and multiple smaller entities split from the initial landing zones. Forming ad hoc nation states and no go zones.


Efforts of the United Nations collapse under open rebellion, and corporations threatening the life of the planet itself, ABOL is hit by a second wave of colonists 30 years early. Bearing the Earth's interests and the bloodied maws of dozens of private military and corporate forces.

The United Nations wastes no time in utilizing their new found allies.




Harlow Kinetic Solutions

Harlow Kinetic Solutions is the premier private military contractor on Earth and beyond. Founded by former British SAS and US Special Operations Forces personnel, Harlow is employed by the UN and state actors alike across Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and Asia as well as off-planet areas of operation like ABOL.


HKS services include security force assistance, foreign internal defense, counterinsurgency, counterterrorism, and even direct action support with a full spectrum of multi domain war fighting functions.


At least that’s what the ad says. Clandestine Harlow operators will also assassinate journalists and opposing diplomats, run guns to… unsavory partners, suppress elections, conduct information operations on civilian populations, you name it if the price is good enough. 



Operating on the outskirts of ABOLs immediate orbital systems is the Glasnost. A seemingly harmless outer orbital industrial ship. Inside it's pitch black hull sits the brain child of Dmitry Valerievich.

A fully deniable, self operating, and self financed military. Their presence is known to many players in ABOLs game but their location, mission, and purpose all remain unknown.

Manticor teams are highly diversified skillsets mixed with brute firepower. Featuring cross training and ubiquitous gear to the extent that each member can perform another’s role.

Their current engagement systems in orbit have led to a preference of close quarters battle and deniable assets. Manticor operatives draw from several militaries and countries but are primarily Iranian and Russian Special Forces operatives.



Within it's "Scientific Groups" The Pan Arabic Oil Coalition has great need for Security Forces. Their large operations above and below ground have drawn the attention and ire of many sub groups and factions within the natives of ABOL.


At the front of their Security Operations are IBRAGIM. Consisting of ethnic Armenian and mixed Islamic group forces


IBRAGIM specializes in professional security and direct actions. The mercenary corporation of Ibragim is a highly funded and trained organization. Rumored to be funded by the oil barons of the Caliphate. They prefer to engage at medium distances with smart rounds assisted by drones and artificial intelligence.



IMPISI is more an Ideology than a name. Driven together to defend what they believe is theirs groups of ABOLs settlers have formed roving bands of ad hoc Mercenary groups.


Defending homesteads, aiding other settlers, and keeping UN forces in check as their expansion encroaches further and further from the initial landings. IMPISI groups can be found anywhere.


With hideouts throughout the Scatter and dozens of warbands working alongside the AG CORPS.​


They specialize in making the most of what they have. Hiding amongst the local population and utilizing deniable weaponry and explosives. They value speed and stealth over powerful armor and weapons. Even if they could get them, they wouldn't use them.

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